Oceanwood Furniture by Cassian Garbett

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Welcome to my website, which is currently being rebuilt. For more information on these pieces, comissions and pricing, please contact me at info@cassianfurniture.co.uk.

The Hogwarts Potions Chest (a fantasy piece)

This fourteen draw cabinet is inscribed with some of the many bizarre ingredients used in potion making at Hogwarts. Inspired by the ‘CHAMBER OF SECRETS’ the cabinet contains a hidden mechanism to spring the central panel which reveals the chamber within.

This cabinet is made entirely from Oak and Mahogony ocean-wood, washed up on the beaches of Cuckmere Haven.

Height: 4’7”
Width: 2’11”
Depth: 1’4”

Price available on request

Oceanwood Wardobe Oceanwood Coffee Table Hogwart's Potion Chest - Oceanwood furniture

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Hogwart's Chest - Oceanwood furniture